​​William M. Cheney heads up the Victorville Office of Earl Carter & Associates. William represents clients in the Victorville/Barstow area of California against various types of criminal charges including DUI, domestic violence, spousal battery, battery, false imprisonment, theft, grand theft, petty theft, shoplifting, larceny, burglary, embezzlement, robbery, fraud, drug crimes, possession of a controlled substance, possession for sales, violent crimes, three strikes cases, assault, assault with a deadly weapon, and sex crimes.  The Law Offices of Earl Carter & Associates have over 30 years of practical legal experience throughout California.  Earl Carter & Associates have the resources and expertise to deal with virtually any type of criminal case.

William is known for his straight forward style with his clients.  If you want an attorney who is just going to tell you everything you want to hear then William is not the attorney for you.  But if you want to hear a straight forward, honest evaluation of your situation and realistic defense strategies, William M. Cheney is the attorney for you.  And always know, Mr. Cheney WILL FIGHT FOR YOU.  Mr. Cheney is in the Victorville Courthouse dealing with criminal matters  four or five days a week.  Mr. Cheney has dealt with the entire scope of criminal cases.  Mr. Cheney has worked on countless cases involving DUIs, Domestic Violence, Fraud, Assault, Sex Crimes, Drug Crimes,  Murder and a variety of other criminal cases.  He knows the Courthouse he knows the procedures he interacts with the D.A.'s office and Courthouse officials on a daily basis.   Call the office for a free consultation to see how Mr. Cheney and his team can help you.  Contact William M. Cheney at Musiclaw5@aol.com.